Student Charter

Statement of Policy

The purpose of the ACAE Student Charter is to inform and guide ACAE students and staff in understanding the expectations they have of each other as partners in learning and knowledge acquisition.

This Policy is consistent with ACAE values and a number of interrelated policies including the Privacy Policy, Student Equity and Staff Code of Conduct to uphold the rights and responsibilities of students, staff and the institution.

The institution aims to provide an environment conducive to stimulate learning, intellectual independence and freedom of inquiry through a combination of quality learning and teaching and scholarly activity.

The Student Charter’s guiding principles are founded in ACAE values: integrity respect, passion, collaboration, accountability, pursuit of excellence and fairness to meet the expectations of ACAE and our students.

ACAE’s responsibilities are to:


  1. Respect individual student learning needs and abilities;

  2. Ensure education meets societal and workplace employment needs, by collaborating, engaging and consulting with respective industry and community leaders (for VET schools only);

  3. Provide a safe and learning environment in which students can freely pursue learning and knowledge acquisition;

  4. Provide support services to meet students’ learning requirements to fulfil students’ ultimate academic goals;

  5. Recognise and embrace diversity;

  6. Maintain high quality learning experiences aligning with best practice in learning and teaching;

  7. Provide an honest, fair and transparent treatment of complaints, grievances and appeals procedures;

  8. Recognise the legal rights of students;

  9. Respect student privacy and confidentiality;

  10. Provide timely, honest and constructive feedback on assessments as part of best practice in learning and teaching;

  11. Provide access to appropriate facilities, equipment, library resources to support student learning.