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  • Certificate iv commercial cookery
  • certificate 4 in commercial cookery

SIT40413- Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

1.5 Years Full Time; Part time is also available

This comprehensive course is designed to provide students with the wide range of skills and knowledge required to not only become competent as a qualified chef or cook but to also gain a range of supervisory or leadership skills that will enhance your employability and future opportunities as a chef. Throughout the first year students develop extensive practical food preparation, cooking and presentation skills, semester 3 develops your kitchen management and advanced cooking skills.


The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery is designed to prepare you for a career as a Senior Chef or Chef de Cuisine and offers advanced skills in the areas of; kitchen supervision, advanced food preparation and cookery. This includes staff supervision skills, stock control processes, financial management and advanced catering control. These skills are developed through a range of college based theory and practical training sessions and are complimented with our Industry Placement program, a program which ensures all students also gain commercial experience in many of Perth’s leading hotels, restaurants and venues.

The employment outcomes apply to a wide variety of hospitality settings including; restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, coffee shops, caterers and many non-hospitality related workplaces including hospitals and venues.

government funded pastry course

NOTE: ACAE has been awarded Priority industry Training (PIT) funding for this course from Future Skills WA.  This allows eligible local students to have part of their fees subsidised, find out if you are eligible here.


Course Subjects SIT40413

SIT12C2001: Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene

  • SITXFSA101Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITHKOP101Clean kitchen premises and equipment
  • SITXFSA201Participate in safe food handling practices

SIT12C2002: Principles and Methods of Cookery

  • SITHCCC201Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery
  • SITHCCC203Produce stocks, sauces and soups
  • SITHCCC207Use cookery skills effectively
  • SITHCCC101Use food preparation equipment
  • SITXINV202Maintain the quality of perishable items

SIT12C3003: Specialist Dietary Foods and Menu Costing

  • SITHCCC307Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements
  • SITHKOP302Plan and cost basic menus
  • SITXHRM301Coach others in job skills
  • HLTAID003Provide first aid

SIT12C2004: Cold Larder and Deserts

  • SITHCCC202Produce appetisers and salads
  • SITHCCC308Produce cakes, pastries and breads
  • SITHPAT306Produce desserts

SIT12C3001: Hot Kitchen 101

  • SITHCCC204Produce vegetables, fruit, egg and farinaceous dishes
  • SITHCCC302Produce seafood dishes
  • SITHCCC309Work effectively as a cook

SIT12C3002: Hot Kitchen 102

  • SITHCCC301Produce poultry dishes
  • SITHCCC303Produce meat dishes

SIT12DIP002: Leadership and Motivation

  • SITXHRM402Lead and manage people
  • SITXMGT401Monitor work operations
  • SITXMGT502Manage projects

SIT12C4001: Principles of Kitchen Management

  • SITHKOP402Develop menus for special dietary requirements
  • SITHKOP403Coordinate cooking operations
  • SITXWHS401Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
  • BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

SIT12DIP004: Human Resource Management

  • BSBDIV501Manage diversity in the workplace
  • SITXCOM401Manage conflict
  • SITXHRM401Roster staff

SIT12DIP008: Financial Information for Decision Making

  • SITXFIN501Prepare and monitor budgets
  • SITXFIN402Manage finances within a budget
  • SITXFIN401Interpret financial information


  • The following subjects are Electives (Awarded on accompanying Statement of Attainment)

SIT12C2001: Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene

  • SITXWHS101Participate in safe work practices

SIT12C3004: Buffet and Advanced Larder Techniques

  • SITHCCC304Produce and serve food for buffets
  • SITHCCC305Produce pates and terrines

SIT12C2003: Kitchen Work Practices

  • BSBWOR203Work effectively with others
  • BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

SIT12C2004: Cold Larder and Deserts

  • SITHCCC103Prepare sandwiches
  • SITHCCC103Prepare sandwiches

Course Requirements

In order to successfully complete the course you must complete all of the subjects / units listed above.


*The course is not suitable for persons unable to handle meat, seafood, poultry or dairy products.
*Please be aware that the uniform requirements for the kitchen are compulsory and no concessions can be made.

Course Assessments 

It is important to note that ACAE adopts a number of assessments items or tools that are designed to best suit your course and the knowledge and skills that are required to be demonstrated. All assessments are identified clearly in our subject guides which you will be provided upon enrolment. The subject guide provides a great amount of detail on the timing and style of assessment. It is important to note that you need to demonstrate competency through each of the prescribed assessment items throughout your time enrolled in the course. In general the following assessment items apply for this course.

  • Projects
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Knowledge Based Tests
  • Case Studies
  • Industry Placement Portfolios
  • Check points

Click here if you wish more detail for each assessment item


Entry Requirements

All students are required to have completed the equivalent of Australian School Year 10. More information is available at Admission Requirements for Local Students and Admission Requirements for International Students.


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