• Australian School of Culinary Arts
Welcome to the School of Culinary Arts. For over two decades we have taken our students closer to being the chefs they want to be.

Delivering high quality commercial cookery and patisserie certificate courses in Perth, Western Australia. ASCA is the only private training provider to deliver training to Australian Chef Apprentices.

The School of Culinary Arts (ASCA) is a school solely devoted to the teaching of Culinary Arts and to developing aspiring young chefs.

Our Perth school is closer to the city centre. Our students are closer to the energy of the kitchens in the big hotels. Our focus on practical training takes you closer to the real world experience you need to achieve the transition from being a student to becoming a qualified Chef or Pastry Chef.

Our Culinary Arts programs include the Australian Commercial Cookery and Patisserie courses, both focused on teaching the skills and knowledge of preparing and presenting food to the highest possible standards that lead our students to graduation and ultimately their future careers as professional chefs.