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ACAE Changes Future for Vignes

When Vignes decided to follow his dream to become a chef in Australia he left behind 17 years of experience working as an Engineer and a life of business travel. With a family history rich in culinary traditions, Vignes was passionate about becoming a chef and sharing his love of food with the world. Determined to study commercial cookery, he and his wife embarked on the journey from Malaysia to Perth with their three young daughters. 

 “I have always wanted to be a chef as cooking has always been a big part of my life. My grandfather was a cook and I often watched him preparing dishes for functions when I was a child. He passed down his culinary skills to my mother who eventually became involved in the restaurant business. When I decided to start a new chapter of my life in Perth, commercial cookery was my first choice.”

Like most students, Vignes wanted his education to be of the highest quality and to give him practical training to ensure he was ‘job ready’ when he graduated and so it was recommended that he enrol with the Australian College of Applied Education (ACAE). “It has been a wonderful journey with ACAE. From the moment I met the staff at orientation day I knew it was the right place for me. Under the guidance of professional chefs I have improved my cooking skills and found my passion all while working in a real commercial kitchen. ACAE not only prepares students with the practical skills needed for a career in cookery, they also provide job opportunities as they have great links with people from the hospitality industry.”

ACAE prepares students for the real world by providing them with not only the skills to create amazing dishes, but also with the skills they need to run a successful business. Accounts, rostering and leadership are just as important as food preparation when students enter the workforce.

Studying at ACAE has opened up many opportunities for Vignes. He has worked in a number of eateries and is currently involved in creating new dishes for a seasonal menu in one of Perth’s finest Asian restaurants. He also works in a large international restaurant chain that is looking to expand operations in Australia. Vignes is involved in training staff for the new venues but his ultimate goal is to open his own restaurant where he can put his personal touch on every dish on the menu.

Vignes said, “I feel privileged to have been trained by the chefs at ACAE. The diversity of students adds an extra challenge to teaching as the student group is made up of many races, religions, and language groups. The ACAE staff are not only passionate in their teaching, they also maintain high level of professionalism in a challenging teaching situation.

“If you would like to have a career as a cook or chef ACAE will provide all the skills you require. Their qualified chefs are passionate about sharing their knowledge and no question you have will be left unanswered. While a move to Perth may seem daunting, my family have fallen in love with the city. People in Perth are very friendly, the schools are good and the quiet city lifestyle is great for raising a family. After three years Perth is my home and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”