Breakfast Buffet

Culinary students made a Breakfast Buffet last week.  This time we did it a bit different than previous breakfasts.  We used kitchens in Gloustchester Park and all students who weren't being assessed enjoyed the food.  We also had industry speakers who generously gave up their time to do presentations and demonstrations.  Thank you to Richard from Huon Salmon, Riki from The Cooking Professor and Moroccan Spice Journey, Nick and Matthew from Blue Cow Cheese, Chase from The Standard for donating their time and sharing ther expertise.  We would also like to thank Phil from Robot Coup Australia for allowing us to borrow their juicer.

The students made some delicious food including homemade chorizo and aple black pudding, poached and cured tasmanian salmon and raw cacao, hazlenut and buckwheat granola.


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Salmon Tartare from the Huon Salmon demonstration.

australian salmon

Dessert from The Standard demonstration

dessert from the standard

Cheese course from Blue Cow Cheese


Some students enjoying breakfast

chef apprenticeship

Find out more about the courses these students are studying on our SIT30813- Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and SIT40413- Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery pages.