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ACAE now offers the benefits of private education on selected diploma courses to Australian students at the same price as TAFE

ACAE is pleased to announce that we now offer selected diploma courses for the same price as TAFE but with all the benefits of gaining a high quality private education.  The good news keeps coming!  All Diploma courses offered under the Future Skills scheme are also VET-FEE HELP approved so you can enrol into a course with no upfront costs and graduate with a significantly reduced loan. 

The Future Skills scheme, offered through the Department of Training and Workforce Development, is open to Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents and secondary holders of 457 visas who live in Western Australia.  For more information on the courses offered and eligibility criteria, please email info@acae.edu.au or call us on (08) 9322 3202.

If you would like more information on this scheme and other schemes currently being offered by The Department of Training and Workforce Development please see the Future Skills WA website.