• ACAE Graduation - March 2013
  • Fanny Argenson Graduating with Diploma of Hospitality
  • Bersika Limbu Graduating with Diploma of Hospitality

Success at another ACAE Graduation - March 2013

ACAE held its most recent Graduation on 6 March 2013 and although this was another highly successful event it was made even more special for one of the last Perth Institute of WA (PIWA) students Mrs Mary-Jane Nathalynda. Mary-Jane who was displaced in 2010 following the unfortunate closure of PIWA was subsequently relocated to ACAE along with some 110 other students under the ACPETS TAS Placement scheme was finally proud to achieve the goal she set out to achieve and awarded her Advanced Diploma of Hospitality.

"3 years ago, January 2010, I started my studies at Perth Institute WA for a Diploma of Hospitality with positive attitude and good feeling hoping for success at the end of my studies. Perth Institute closed down few months later" said Mary-Jane. "ACAE gave many hundreds of students who had paid their fees to PIWA an opportunity to continue our studies on the ‘Advanced Diploma of Hospitality’. This was a big experience for me, starting everything again, having new friends and new lecturers" she went on to say.

ACAE is proud to have assisted Mary-Jane and the many students who were affected by the closure of PIWA. In addition to Mary-Jane a further 36 students qualified for graduation on the night each being awarded varying ACAE qualifications including Advanced Diploma of Hospitality, Diploma of Hospitality, Diploma of Business and Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) and (Patisserie).

Congratulations to one and all. Go out and use the knowledge and skills you have gained and make us proud!