• Max & Javier Gonzalez

Chef Max Visits The Tijuana School of Culinary Arts

Max thoroughly enjoyed his experience in Tijuana having spent a great day with the Director of The Tijuana School of Culinary Arts, Javier Gonzalez Vizcaino. Javier was a great host, with a great passion for culinary education in Mexico. Max was lucky enough to have Javier as a host for an entire day.

"It was a wonderful day and after a beautiful welcome and a great breakfast I was able to join in with the parents of the students to enjoy some true Mexican food prepared for their end of unit assessment" said Max, who was amazed at the warm reception he received.

After a great presentation of Javier Gonzalez Vizcaino's program and direction of his school he took Max for a visit to some beautiful restaurants and the local market, which Max describes as "absolutely out of this world."

This visit marks the end of Max's Culinary Adventure that has seen him visit prestigious culinary institutes in Chicago and New York such as, The French Pastry School, Kendall College, Le Cordon Bleu and The Culinary Institute of America.

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