• Max - David

Max makes his way to New York

Chef Max was left in awe after he visited the world class campus of The Culinary Institute of America, located in upstate New York. Project Manager, Professor David Kamen (pictured with Max) provided Max an exstensive tour of the campus.

"They have five fully operational restaraunts kitchens, 2265 cooking students and from what I could count 17 kitchens and special prep rooms" said Max, who was very impressed with the facilities available for students.

According to Max the campus library is bigger than the Western Australian State library and there is an impressive auditorium in the cellar with seating for 300 students.

This visit is the beginning of Max's adventure in New York with a cooking session with former student Mark Simmons next on the agenda.

Go to facebook.com/acaeperth for pictures of this amazing school and stay tuned for more updates from Max in America.