• Max & Della Gossett

A couple of culinary lessons for Chef Max

Chef Max was on the opposite side of the kitchen during special Masterclasses conducted by renowned chefs, Pierre Zimmermann and Della Gossett. The Masterclasses were part of the 2012 FENI Summit agenda and were held at the French Pastry School in Chicago.

During his session with Pierre Zimmermann, Max worked with Brioche and Beer Bread. While America's Pastry Chef of The Year, Della Gossett gave a very enjoyable session working with a meyer lemon sherbet with nicoise olive praline and medjoo date cake with toasted pecans and frozen yoghurt.

In July of 2011, along with her fellow Chef Instructors at The French Pastry School, Scott Green and Joshua Johnson, and lead by Chef Donald Wressell, Gossett was the alternate member of the first place winning team at the 2011 National Pastry Team Championship.

It definitely sounds like ACAE's Chef Max is enjoying his American Culinary Adventure. Next on the agenda - New York City.

Go to facebook.com/acaeperth for pictures and stay tuned for more updates from Max in America.