• Max and Renee Zonka at Kendall

Max Tours the School of Culinary Arts at Chicago's Kendall College

Max Tangermann, Director of Culinary Arts at ACAE met today with Renee Zonka, Dean of Culinary Arts, Kendall College in Chicago (pictured with Max).

Max was thrilled to have a two hour private tour of the campus facilities at Kendall. 

"They have nine kitchens, two pastry kitchen plus one sugar and chocolate kitchen, as well as a top class restaurant" said Max, who was very impressed at the environment that students learn in at Kendall.

Kendall is currently teaching to 600 culinary arts students and was lucky to get time to visit and look around as the students were preparing for a Chain de Rotisserie dinner the next day which is a very big deal.

Go to facebook.com/acaeperth for pictures of this amazing school and stay tuned for more updates from Max in America.