International Buffet a Secure Event

With the Commonwealth Heads of Government Event in Perth in 2011, the September International Buffet took the theme of CHOGM.  With a vote from the Food and Beverage Management students the royal colours of the Union Jack and Australia were adopted.

The event concept was for guests to feel like they were entering a high security area, and then boarding a flight to one of the Commonwealth countries. Part of the "check-in" was a security scan of each guest: some randomly activated the "Access Denied" alarm and were escorted to the side by security and given a bottle of wine for their inconvenience. 

Guests were issued a passport with their flight number on it, which represented their table number. Throughout the luncheon guests were invited to place a marker on to the world map of their place of origin, they were also invited to have a photograph taken with a back drop of a Commonwealth country.  One lucky guest won the lucky door prize kindly donated by Muzz Buzz. 

ACAE would like to thank sponsors of the event: Laura from Carilley Estate for donating the red and white wines, the Ocean Beach Hotel for donating the beers, and to Bob Glover and his assistant Michael who kindly videoed and took pictures of the event.

Hospitality lecturer Jill Coates-Erkan said "the students put a lot of time and effort into theming the restaurant and would like to thank all the additional effort put in by those who helped bring the event together". 

Jill said "the Food and Beverage students received excellent comments from the guests, which were well deserved.  The International buffet is an excellent demonstration of students skills, some students were approached and offered jobs during the event. With that we will look forward to showcasing another event next year."