Apply to Become a Registered Education Agent for ACAE

How to become an Agent?

The Australian College of Applied Education is pleased to receive applications from individuals, partnerships and corporations, who wish to become agents for the recruitment of international students for our courses in ELICOS, Business and Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Commercial Cookery, Patisserie or any of the degrees at our sister Higher Education provider the Australian School of Management (ASM) we offer.

You are invited to forward full particulars of your organisation, to enable us to confirm your suitability as an agent. We will perform a basic due diligence using the information you provide us.

As part of the application process you will be advised of our Education Agents Code of Practice, the services and facilities you agree to provide, the commission rates and other details.

Upon confirmation you will be required to sign an Education Agent Agreement confirming the terms of business with the Australian College of Applied Education prior to any agent commissions being made.

How to apply to become an Education Agent

1. Before applying please read our Education Code of Conduct (below).

2. Once you understand and agree to this code please complete our Education Agent Application Form


3. Once you understand and agree to this code please download and complete the Education Agent Application Form on this page and submit to

Santy Ramasamy, Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager by either:

a) Fax (+61) 8 9321 3698

b) Mail to:

Marketing Manager

Level 1, 641 Wellington Street

Perth WA 6000

c) Email


Education Agent Code of Conduct

The Education Agent Code of Conduct outlines a number of standards for agents to follow in an effort to maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of education services, which safeguard the interests and welfare of students.

    a) The education provider should undertake to market all education and training products with absolute integrity, accuracy and professionalism.
    b) In the provision of information to education agents, the education provider should not make false or misleading comparisons with any other provider or course.
    c) The education provider should strive to provide accurate, relevant and up to date information to agents.
    d) The education provider must provide all agent training required to ensure agents and their staff are knowledgeable about the school, its Programs, terms and conditions of enrolment.
    a) Education agents should be aware of their responsibilities as defined in the National Code and, in particular, that in representing the education provider, they act on behalf of the education provider. Education agents should undertake to ensure that they, and any of their staff, are fully informed of any changes to the National Code as they occur from time to time.
    b) Education agents should ensure that the recruitment of students is conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner consistent with the requirements of the relevant Program or curriculum as detailed in materials published by ACAE.
    c) Education agents should ensure that all student selection decisions comply with equal opportunity legislation.
    d) Education agents should employ appropriately qualified staff and fully train all staff who will assess the extent to which the applicant meets the prerequisites of the Program for which they are applying, based on the applicant’s qualifications and proficiencies.
    e) Education agents should undertake to follow the enrolment procedures as published by ACAE and to make available all original applicant documentation to the school upon request.
    f) Education agents should ensure that all applicant information collected as part of the application and enrolment process is securely kept and that the handling and disclosure of all applicant information complies with Australian Privacy Legislation.
    g) In representing the education provider, education agents should agree to abide by The Education Agent Code of Conduct.